Unbelievable! So Intel Level Up 2010 was a HOAX?

Unbelievable! So Intel Level Up 2010 was a HOAX?

A mom-and-pop shoe repair shop would have performed more professionally than Intel. Intel was 5+ weeks late to notify the finalists and as of right now they are over a week late to publish the finalist list. Who, at Intel, is handling this contest? This is an international contest and countless people all over the planet keep an eye on it. Not to mention the word of mouth. What a black eye for Intel! And whats this deafening silence? A multi-billion $$ business cant handle a contest with less than 1,000 submissions? DUHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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I totally agree with you ,and i think that this contest is just a joke.!!

Its such a shame, for Intel.

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The finalists have been working on their executables for several weeks in the professional category and all students (finalists and non-finalists) are also beginnin work. You can see a complete list of the confirmedfinalists for both categories. Due dates have been extended for the finalists - October 10, 2010 for the professionals and November 5, 2010 for the students.

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