Mobile Intel 965 express chipset family

Mobile Intel 965 express chipset family

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Hi to all!
I've been persistently looking for a solution of my problem for 3 days but
So the things are as follows:
I recently started learning Photoshop CS5 and I am encountered with a problem which is directly related to openGL.
have an Acer laptop and it has Mobile Intel 965 express chipset family
graphic card (to be more exact: Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator
x3100; Windows 7; 32bit; RAM 2.5MB;) I am deeply aware about performance
of my graphic card but I also know that openGL and 3D are supported
i.e. everything works slower and doesn't look so great but it works.
instaled GPU Caps Viewer and it shows that my graphic card supports
openGL version 2.0 but when I use Photoshop some tools which emphasized
require openGL support don't work (for ex: Rotate View Toll etc.)
also checked my graphic driver and it's the latest version. However I
downloaded it again and installed but the problem still exists.
It looks like everything leads to uninstall this version of Photoshop and try another one.
Would somebody be so kind as to help with this one?

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I moved this post,since the Developing Software for Visual Computing forum is more for software development, rather than system troubleshooting.

For hardware and driver support, you can contact Intel Product Support on the following Web site:

Best regards.

Aubrey W.
Intel Software Network Support

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Have you run any other OGL 2.0 apps to see
1)if it is a global driver issue, affecting all apps, or
2) a local app issue affecting only Photoshop? if local, does CS4 support OGL 2.0 and also show the problem? and if local have you reported to Adobe?

Phil Taylor

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