Unstructured grid in Array Visualizer!

Unstructured grid in Array Visualizer!

Hi All,

I'm trying to use the array visualizer to plot a unstructured grid composed

for triangles and quadrilaterals.

I have a special question about Av_Polylist. I have tried this:

call avCreatePlot(avPlots(hGraph), "Tri", AV_POLYLIST, hPlot)

call avSetPolyType(hPlot, AV_POLYGON, status)

and to set the vertices of polygon i did this:

CALL avSetVertexListSource(hplot, "/TriVerts%pt", status)

call avSetVertexSource(hplot,1,"/TriVerts%pt(0)",status)

call avSetVertexSource(hplot,2,"/TriVerts%pt(1)",status)

call avSetVertexSource(hplot,3,"/TriVerts%pt(2)",status)

but the array visualizer just plot the first polygon.

Do you have some example using AV_POLYGON?

Please i have tried everything.

PS:. I'm using Visual Studio 2005 Partner and Intel Visual Fortran 10.

Thanks in advanced.


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Hi Fabio, I believe with AV_POLYGON all you get is one big polygon (with lots of edges as you supply more points). Take a look at the data sample: xml/polylisttypes.xml. It shows several different ways of rendering the polylist (points, joined lines, independent lines, closed loops, independent trianges, triangle strip, independent quads, quad strip, and (finally!) polygon. Is one of these what you are looking for?John

Yes. I was looking for that polygons plot.
Thanks Jonh

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