Playlist for UPnP Madia Renderer

Playlist for UPnP Madia Renderer

Hi,Can anyone give me any source of information about playlist format for Media Renderer?thx

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YOu can try CIDERO.

The Cidero UPnP controller provides a means for URL links to be passed
directly to it, bypassing the need for a UPnP server for the above type
of usage scenario. A simple 'remoteURL' command passed to the controller
via HTTP is used to specify the URL and begin playback on an active
UPnP media renderer. A small Java application, 'RemoteURLRequestor'
handles the details of this transaction, and is provided as a simple
'gateway' between a Web browser and the controller. The Mozilla Firefox
browser, when configured with the 'Launchy' extension, can be set up to
invoke the 'RemoteURLRequestor' without too much effort. Other browsers
may certainly be able to use this model as well.

have you already tried Cidero? Please tell me.

Hi,thanks for the information. sorry, but i sttoped working with the project. what i've managed to do was detecting the playlist on Intel's media server and play it on the renderer. the problem is, that i had to put a URL of music file which points toa hard drive location, but i couldn't use the location from the contentdirectory service. that means that i wasn't able to change the content of playlist file from the control point. anyone knows if it's possible (jus a curiosity)?

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