X7560 and QPI

X7560 and QPI

I have just watched the Intel Parallel video with Mike describing that the MTL uses the X7560 Nehalem as a platform. I had a look online and discovered that a motherboard can use up to 256 of these chips on 1 motherboard.

Could you tell us how many of these X7650s you have on a motherboard for the MTL Mike. Also, what sort of motherboard are you using?


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The MTL system (and motherboard)that we are using only has 4 sockets.

Here's a link to the OEM (QSSC)rackmount 4U server specs: http://www.qsscit.com/en/01_product/02_detail.php?mid=27&sid=125&id=126&qs=50

Also here's a link to a video we put together as we built one of these systems: http://software.intel.com/en-us/blogs/2010/05/14/parallel-programming-ta...

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