Documentation C# stack

Documentation C# stack

Remark regarding the code distribution; the UPnP project folder (source code) contains 3 xml files, same date, different sizes. Which one is the most up-to-date?
To be able to use them in Visual Studio I had to copy one, drop it next to the UPnP.dll and rename it toUPnP.xml. Then with a text editor a replace all of 'Intel.UPNP' to 'OpenSource.UPnP'.
That was enough to make the availabledocumentation visible in the VS object browser.

I've some difficulty deciphering how the whole thing works. Is there some more generic documentation available? What I'm looking for is just a short listof the main objects and their intended purposes, along with a short description of the supporting objects. Would be handy if there was some relational diagram as well.

Is it possible to update the xml files as described, or even better; include the documentation in the source code, so rebuilding the library automatically recreates the documentation?


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Stupid me. Documentation is in the source code, all you have to do is check "xml documentation" on the build tab of the project properties. Rebuilding will automatically generate the documentation.

Maybe a good idea to select the option by default in the distributed sourcecode package.

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