Remote memory access per core

Remote memory access per core

Hi,Before I ask the question, I've been going through the following document : : How can find the number of remote memory accesses per core ? As far as I can see, I can get the following :-- L2 misses / core-- Local L3 misses [uncore]-- QPI requests [uncore]However, this does not tell me which of the cores is actually issuing the QPI request. Is this even possible ?Thanks in advance for your patience and help,..i[edit] - I have a Dual socket quad core Nehalem on which I wish to get this information.

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Uncore events can only be collected in counting mode. They cannot generate interupts on the core so profiling is not possible with them. There is a core event called Offcore_response (aka matrix event) that has a lot of request type by response type information. I believe that will tell you what you want. Read the event online help that can be invoked from the GUI

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