VPN to the MTL

VPN to the MTL

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Where can I obtain the VPN and to access the MTL with the Cisco VPN client supplied ?

What are the IP addresses I can reach with the SSH for the MTL and can I use my intel username and password as access credentials for this ?

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Very good questions....

You will receive this information together with a unique MTL username and password, when you are granted access to the MTL.

To request access the the MTL you must:
1) Be a member of the Intel Academic Community
- This is a free service for faculty who are alsomembers of the Intelacademic community
- Studentsrequire afaculty sponsor.
2) Request access the the MTL by completing the MTL request formunder the Academic Community page:

Once your accessis granted, you will receive an email notification with the appropriate information to login and access the MTL.

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