.NET demos not working

.NET demos not working


I'm working with an Panasonic Toughbook CF-H1B.

The MCA Platform Driver Version 2.0.3 is preinstalled.

The .NET framework 2.0 is preinstalled.

The demo 'ButtenDemo.exe runs perfectly.

The demos 'ButtonBarcodeDemoNet' and 'ButtonCameraDemoNET' crash with 'system.io.filenotfoundexeption'.

Don't know what file was not found at the moment.

Looks like there is a problem with the .NET framework?

I updated to 3.5 but that didn't help it.



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looking up the forum I found the solution by myself:

The versions of the SDK/PD must match, at leat for the first two digits.

It works for me to use SDK 2.0.1 and Panasonic PD 2.0.3.

Although I use Visual Studio 2008 an .NET 3.5.

Now that SDK 3.0 is available I hope that Intel/Panasonic update the PD.



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