intel tv wizard

intel tv wizard

I can't get the wizard to work because it can't locate my tv, i downloaded all the new drivers and stuff but still if it comes with a error does anyone know what to do ?

please help

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Can you provide the details of the TV connection to TV Wizard. Is it analog or HDMI? What is the graphics chipset and driver version? Also provide the error message details.

I am having a similar problem, I'm using Windows 7 g33-35 chipset family and the tuner wizard does not allow me to use coaxial as an option for output. it is unable to find the tv. my tuner card is an Asus Blackbird Dual PVR PCI II it has coaxial output, this card came with an older HP Media center edition M1050y and i installed it on my new computer only for the TV output options. this card has only the coaxial outputs and several inputs including coaxial s-vid and rgb but i don't seem to be able to use it as a secondary monitor because i can't configure it correctly. any advice?

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