ICC STM, on Ubuntu, error: identifier "__tm_atomic" is undefined

ICC STM, on Ubuntu, error: identifier "__tm_atomic" is undefined


I'm trying to use ICC STM prototype 3.0,
When I compile the examples on : http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-c-stm-compiler-prototype-...
the compiler doesn't recognize the __tm_atomic, (error: identifier "__tm_atomic" is undefined)
Even when compiling with "Qtm_enabled Wall -lpthread",
Is the same syntax still used, I mean in GCC the syntax has been changed form "__tm_atomic" to "__transaction"

It seems also that there was a problem to make ICC STM work on ubuntu :
but I've tried that solution, doesn't work !

One other possible problem :
Before installing ICC STM i have installed "Normal" ICC 11.0, I uninstalled it "successfully" using the uninstal_proc script, but I think that there may be some icc parts from the old installation that are making problems to the current ICC STM installation, (may be the problem and may not)
any way I use "./icc" to make sure that I'm using the right "icc", and when I type "./icc -v" it shows that it's the ICCSTM prototype 3.0 !

I use Ubuntu 9.04,

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This is a similar problem :


So please if someone has a solution, let me know !


Looking your command line, I think there is a problem with the "" character. It must be "-".


icc -Qtm_enabled -openmp intel_stmtest_counting.c -o counting-icc

Another thing, you should use iccvars.sh to set your environment properly.

. /opt/intel/Compiler/11.0/606/bin/iccvars.sh intel64

(Note the space between the first dot and the slash)


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