Re-release: Developer Tools for UPnP Technologies

Re-release: Developer Tools for UPnP Technologies

I am happy to annonce that we have re-released the tools that once where on the Intel web site under open source at under the name Developer Tools for UPnP Technologies. We cleaned them up and improved them too. For example: The widely used Device Sniffer and Device Spy now have IPv6 support. Moving forward the most important tool of the bunch is Device Builder, the code generation tool. We are working on an update so that it will generate improved stacks with IPv6, this should be available in a few weeks.

For people who don't know about UPnP, it's a set of specifications that make home networking easy. Checkout the UPnP Forum web site.

Please provide feedback on these tools. If you notice anything that is incorrect, send me a mail. The rely on the community to get the bug out.

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After answering a lot of other mails. I am bumping this annoncement back to the top.


Is "" still alive? Why can't I access it?

Yes, it's very much alive. In fact, I updated the Developper Tools for UPnP Technologies quite often. I also added a self-updating capability to the tools so, I expect it will result in less traffic on the web site.


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