q8300 working on 2.0GHz

q8300 working on 2.0GHz

Hi ppl I have a problem with my processor intel c2q 8300. It is supposed to work on 2.5GHz but when i start CPU-Z program it says that the processor is curently working on 2.0GHz. Btw the multiplier is 6x and FSB 333. When i set the multiplier to 7.5 in BIOS and save the settings i go back to CPU-Z and it says that multiplier is 6x. Pls post what to do as soon as possible. thanks in advance

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it is just the power management of OS+CPU at work in your system, try running something that utilize CPU and it will go to the nominal level.

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Hi draganl, Its due to the Intel Speed Step that's been enabled in the BIOS. It automatically underclocks the Processor frequency when there is no load. Basically a power saving feature.

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