Vtune shipped with Applicatipon Development for atom

Vtune shipped with Applicatipon Development for atom


I have a question regarding the Vtune that is shipped with'Application Evelopment Suite for Intel Atom Processors' Can the same product be used to get profile information from a target machine that does not have Atom? (A Xeon machine for instance. ) Or is this meant for aopimizing apps meant to run only on an Atom machine?



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Hi Prakash,

the VTune Sampling Collector included in the tool suite distribution and the VTune Performance Analyzer are license limited to only permit performance data collection on Intel Atom processor based platforms.

If you have a tb5 data file you collected on a Xeon platform you will be able to read it into the VTune Performance Analyzer, but you will not be able toactually sample Xeon data with it.

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