best virtualization software over i7

best virtualization software over i7


I'am wondering if intel has a performance studdies about virtualization technologies and performance over i7 (kvm,xen, sun xvm, vmware, etc) and where can I find that?

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Intel's portal for VT information is here:

Most virtualization performance work is in the server space (Intel Xeon 5500). We have some performance-related white papers at:

Another portal for server info isat:

You might also look at VMM vender sites for performance data specific to your VMM of interest. In general, Intel avoids publishing data that comparesthem ordemonstratesbias invarious ways.

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for if it's something the following information.


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hi, I speake over my experience on virtualizer, I was work with VMware, under my concept this is the best virtualizer system for versatility in optimiced hardware.

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