COM serial on "Crown Beach" Menlow board

COM serial on "Crown Beach" Menlow board

I think this might be on the wrong forum.

According to the "Crown Beach" manual, Serial, Parallel and PS2 are available through the TPM header. But no information as to the pinouts.

Does anyone have the pinout for this header?

Can anyone also confirm that it'll be a logic 3.3V level rather than RS232 level?


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Hi Peter,

this forum is primarily targeting the software development tools for the Intel Atom processor and not the reference platform design.

That said, I am working closely enough with the hardware TMEs that I may be able to find the answer for you. Let me ask around a little bit.

Thanks, Rob

Quoting - Robert MuellerAlbrecht (Intel)

Let me ask around a little bit.

Thanks for this Rob, but in a rather embarrasing moment I found the 9 pin serial connector on the board, looking remarkably like a DB9 connector ;)

That'll teach me for reading the manual before looking :)


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