xslt for PTU output via vt??view --xml

xslt for PTU output via vt??view --xml

I am looking into using vt??view --xml tools for batch processing performance analyses (PTU rocks by the way!).
So, Iam looking for some nice XSLT for publising the results via html. Does any one have, or know where I can get some?



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Hi slyleo

Thank you for your positive feedback on the product.

The --xml option is a kind of product internal.
It dumps data into EMF model that is parsed byPTU GUI basedon Eclipse services.
It actually means that for batch processing of this output you have to write a Java application using EMF runtime.

I believe you are looking for some lighter solution.
If this is really the case I would propose you to look at the CSV output produced by the --csv option (there is also --csv-delimeter one).

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,
Konstantin Lupach

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