impi not using ifort

impi not using ifort

I installed the Intel Cluster Toolkit Compiler Edition on my x86_64 cluster. Impi's mpicc sees the Intel C++ compiler, but mpif90 is using gfortran. It looks like during install, some sort of configuration was done, and because the install script was also responsible for installing ifort at that same time, the configuration did not see ifort in my path, and thus fell through to gfortran. Gfortran is all over the mpif90 shell script. How can I reconfigure this to use ifort instead of gfortran?

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use mpiifort rather than mpif90 to get ifort. The full path to mpiifort if u have version 3.2 of intel impi is
/opt/intel/impi/3.2/bin64/mpiifort x86_64 code
/opt/intel/impi/3.2/bin/mpiifort ia32 code

mpiifort was what i was looking for. thanks!

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