Microinstruction Format

Microinstruction Format

Hi, I'm interested in writing a utility that can be used to test processor schematics, microcode programs, and operating systems. However, I can't find documentation anywhere for Intel's microinstruction formats (i.e. instruction width and fields, etc.)for any of their processors. Is that proprietary information, or is there someplace I can get it?

Thanks in advance.

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The micro-operation representation that underlies the instruction set varies from one generation to another and may undergo minor changes within a given generation. As such, micro-op representation are not part of the instruction set architecture. Your intent to test processor semantics should be done through the instruction set architecture that are documented in


But there has to be some source for BIOS manufacturers, right?

BIOS uses the ISA to communicate to the CPU :)

Eh...apparently I didn't do enough research when I came up with this idea. What does ISA stand for, and how does it work (in brief, ifit's not too much trouble.I can Google the rest). I was under the impression that the CPU loaded a microinstruction from a hardcoded address in memory (mapped to the BIOS), and that microinstruction went into the control store where it was decoded and executed.

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