Visual Studio 2008 Library Build

Visual Studio 2008 Library Build

i hope it's not too much to ask ,the debug builds for 2005 doesn't work with 2008 due to manifest conflict (can't load CRT8,9 at the same time).it would be great to release library builds for 2008 ,I'm sure large segments of Developers already use it

Thanks for releasing this amazing library and hope to see more from it in the future


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Hi Ahmed,

The free Havok SDK is version 5.5 which only supports 2003/2005 but the next version, 6.0, will support 2008.


Will 6.0 still support VS 2005?

Yup :-)

Is there a list anywhere of what's new/changed for 6.0? It would be interesting to know.

Hi MrDoom,

You'll have to wait for the release and read the changelog to see what's new. Until then I can't give you much more information on what's coming than what's already been said here.


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