mesh to mesh collision problem in debug

mesh to mesh collision problem in debug

Hi again

my rig - Vista 64, visual studio 2008

ive solved all the past problems and were all related to the fact that i can only call havok from the same thread that initialized it.

Right now im using simplified tirangle meshes for the collisions, which are all hkpExtendedMeshShapes. In release everything works great, but in debug mode when a collision happens between two meshes a breakpoint happens.

This is the Call Stack

pruebadx10d.exe!hkpTypedBroadPhaseDispatcher::addPairs(hkpTypedBroadPhaseHandlePair * newPairs=0x069c0090, int numNewPairs=0, const hkpCollidableCollidableFilter * filter=0x03117368) Line 53 C++
pruebadx10d.exe!hkpSimulation::collideEntitiesBroadPhaseDiscrete(hkpEntity * * entities=0x0312ec14, int numEntities=1, hkpWorld * world=0x03118e40) Line 437 C++
pruebadx10d.exe!hkpSimulation::collideInternal(const hkStepInfo & stepInfoIn={...}) Line 487 C++
pruebadx10d.exe!hkpSimulation::collide() Line 171 C++
pruebadx10d.exe!hkpSimulation::stepDeltaTime(float physicsDeltaTime=0.010155969) Line 350 C++
pruebadx10d.exe!hkpWorld::stepDeltaTime(float physicsDeltaTime=0.010155969) Line 2111 + 0x16 bytes C++

I also get a message from the error function

.CollideAgent3List3hkpListAgent3.cpp(64): [0xf031ed46] Assert : 't == HK_SHAPE_LIST || t == HK_SHAPE_BV_TREE || t == HK_SHAPE_MOPP'

ive defined the macro _SECURE_SCL=0 in release to make the STL runs faster.

any ideas????


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Hiya a24710,

Please note that neither VS2008 nor 64-bit applications are supported by this version of Havok. I suggest trying a 2005 version of VS and make sure your application is running as a 32-bit app and see if you still get this error.


Also, HavokChris pointed out to me that he's seen this issue before and it's fixed for the next version of Havok :-)

For the meantime, you can disable the assert with the following code:

hkError::getInstance().setEnabled(0xf031ed46, false);


oh man, i love you :). its working now and debug build is back.

any estimated release date for the 6.0??? although i dont get any errors in visual studio 2008, sometimes when something goes wrong i cant stop asking myself if its my fault or the lack of support of 5.5/2008

Hi - as to 6.0 release timing, best we can say now is August for the binary-only PC posting. That's expectation, but as we get closer we'll be able to provide updates on that.


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