License question

License question

Hey, I have a question regarding your licensing for your Win32 Havok Binary. I am planning to make a game which ideally I would like to run natively on Windows and Linux; now as you are not offering a Linux build of the Havok SDK under Try Havok, I was considering using Havok for the Windows build and another Physics SDK for the Linux build (using a small abstraction layer that allowed you to select the SDK to use at build time).

Considering that the Windows version would only be built with Havok, and would follow all other requiremnets of the Havok license; and the Linux version would only be built with this alternate SDK, my question is thus. Would this be in violation of your licensing terms since one of your clauses seems to be that a build require Havok to run.

Please let me know.


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Mr Doom:

Subject to all other terms of the download agreement, aslong as yourlinux game does not include any Havok technology, youshould befine.

More specifically, if the tech you put in your Linux version incorporates Havok compatiblity through Havok calls, but otherwise does not include any Havok libraries, content, samples, code, docs, etc., then you should be fine.


Right, I think I understand that.

Just to clarify, If I have a Physics abstraction class which provides generic functions and then passes it to the correct library had something like a "#define PAL_HAVOK" or alternatively "#define PAL_OTHERSDK" and inside it's functions had something like:

void PAL::genericFunction(...)
	#ifdef PAL_HAVOK


I think I angered your forum software, it cut the end of my post off.

So if I did that, and when building with Linux set the define to "PAL_OTHERSDK" and didn't include the Havok DLL's with the Linux build (I wouldn't need to anyway), would that be ok with your license?

Also, just out of curiosity, would I be able to release the abstraction layer class code or would it somehow fall under your license?

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