Where should the "machines.LINUX" file be located?

Where should the "machines.LINUX" file be located?

I am a beginner of parallel computation. I wish to build up a linux cluster with Intel Cluster Tool Kits. I found that I need to create a "machines.LINUX" file, which isused by the Intel Cluster Toolkit installer to deploy the appropriate software packages from the toolkit amongst the nodes of the cluster.

I would like to know where should the "machines.LINUX" file be located. Any people can help me?

Many Thanks!


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Hi Kelvin,

There is no designated location for the machines.LINUX file. The file should simply contain a list of all nodes on your cluster. For example:

[user@cluster ~]$ cat machines.LINUX

Generally, you can put it in the same directory as the install script and just point the installer to it when prompted.



Gergana Slavova

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Gergana Slavova
Technical Consulting Engineer
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E-mail: gergana.s.slavova_at_intel.com

Dear Gergana,

I got it!

Thanks so much~



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