Will Havok and it's tools work in linux or is win32 the only platform it will be available for use in?

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Also: What about Win64?

Havok supports Linux, Win64 and Mac platforms in the full version but right now we're keeping the free PC download as win32 only.

Are there any plans of releasing Havok 6 for other platforms, other than win32 for non-commercial use?

Hey spooky_paul,

The free Havok 6 download should be along before too long, but it's still going to be win32. If anyone needs Havok for other platforms they'll have to license it.


Is that option freezable for hobbyists?

How much will it cost to license/platform for non-commercial use? I believe you have access to my email if this sort of information is confidential...


The sales rep for the west coast of the US is Mike Walsh and can answer your questions: mike dot walsh at havok dot com.


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