blacs_gridinit problem when inputs are parameters

blacs_gridinit problem when inputs are parameters

I am using Intel Fortran v10, MPI, and Math Kernel Libraryon a cluster. I imported a scaLAPACK program that worksOK on another cluster, but fails now.A call to blacs_gridinit crashes. The call is like "call blacs_gridinit(ictxt, 'R', nprow, npcol). The nprow and npcol are defined as integer parameters = 5. When I change them to normal integer variables and set them to 5in the program,it works. Why? All the docs say they are normal input varaiables, not in and out.

Thanks for any ideas.

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Would it be possible for you to provide a bit more information? What versions of Intel MPI Library and MKL do you use? Do you use static or multithread version of MPI library? Can you provide the command line which you use for scaLAPACK building?

Regards, Anton.

MPI 3.1
MKL 10.0.011
Dynamic library as far as I know

Compile/link script is

mpiifort -o $1 $infile

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