Accessing camera with Flash

Accessing camera with Flash

I am attempting to use Adobe Flash to create a widget to embed into a web application. The widget will take a picture using a camera connected to the local PC.

I have the widget working on a desktop PC with a Creative webcam connected to it. Flash Player 9 can connect to the camera, or to any other camera available in Control Panel > Scanners and Cameras (w/ Windows XP SP2).

Since the Motion Computing C5 uses the MCA package to access the camera, it does not show up in the Scanners and Cameras list.

Is there a way to get the C5's camera to show up in this list so it can be accessed via Flash?

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Hi WilliamW,

The MCA software does not actually control or allow access to the camera for other applications. It is the Motion dashboard software that enables/disables the camera. The MCA software can enable the camera if it is disabled in the Motion dashboard, but only for MCA use.

To enable the camera for other applications, open up the Motion Dashboard software, click on the Pen and Tablet button on the left menu, and then check the box that says "Enable Camera". Once you do this the camera will be enabled for other applications and it will show up in Control PanelScanners and Cameras.



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