Motherboard & processor for VT on rhel5 with xen?

Motherboard & processor for VT on rhel5 with xen?

Can you please forward for sure, the Motherboard (company) and Processor (company)for example core 2 duo 631 etc needed for VT on OS rhel5 with xen application.

As, We have burned our fingers by buying Gigabyte Motherboard AND Processor INTEL(core 2 duo 631+ Supporting hyper-threading Technology.

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RedHat has the following link:

Also, most motherboards today
support VT-x. However it is better to check with the motherboard vendor to make
sure their BIOS enables VT-x capability.

On the processor side,
most of Intel's desktop, WS, and Server products support VT-x today.
Depending on the processor the customer wants to buy he can visit the specific
product web page on to find the details.

Here are some handy
links on core 2s

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