Missing .F90 files

Missing .F90 files

When installing the developer's version of AV everything seems to be there except the .F90 files used to define the interfaces by way of generating the .MOD files in the IVF INCLUDE directory(s).

The missing files are

and the corrisponding .MOD and .MOD2 files

located in (substitued compiler version)


I am extracting these out of the 9.0 .CAB files. Other users might not be so fortunate to have the older installation files laying around. These .F90 files should be placed into the

"Array Visualizer/Src/AvFRT" folder,

or barring that into

"Array Visualizer (IFORT)/Src/AvFRT" folder

Please do not place it into the IVF folder, as this may goe away on a future update.

Jim Dempsey

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Found the files.

Did a 2nd install. I may have installed the viewer only before. The make file isn't working but that is no big deal, simple enough to fix.



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