AMTConsole Source with SCS 1.2

AMTConsole Source with SCS 1.2

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I unzipped the source code that was provided with the SCS 1.2 package, but am unable to open the AMTConsole.csproj file in Visual Studio 2003. What version of Visual Studio was this built with?

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I got the error with 2003also, but I didn't investigate it. I was able to open it with Visual Studio 2005.

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Thanks for letting us know the outcome.


Steve Williams

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The SCS isa VS2005 project and requires .NET framework 2.0. You should be able todownload SCS_1.2 from the Intel website, unzip the file, double-click on the AMTConsoleSln.sln file, and then select build solution.

Whenyou first open the solution it warns youthat it could not connect to revision control and asksif youwant to temporarily connect without revision control or permanently remove revision control.Chose permanently remove. This is just an artifact left over from our internal build process.

I hope this helps,


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