API to detect Radio Off condition for Centrino WLANs?

API to detect Radio Off condition for Centrino WLANs?

We're looking for the proper programmatic way to detect a "Radio off" (HW button) condition for Centrino WLANs (Intel Pro/Wireless). Is there an official API available or a documented way to query the driver using OIDs?

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The Intel Mobile Platform SDK supports this capability (See the product web site at: http://www.intel.com/software/products/mobileplatform) The API you will want to look at are the RadioAdapterInstance.HardwareRadioDisabled and RadioAdapterInstance.HardwareRadioEnabled events. When the radio is turned off by the user by pressing the hardware button the HardwareRadioDisabled event is triggered and when the user turns the radio on the HardwareRadioEnabled event is triggered.

The Intel Mobile Platform SDK can be downloaded for evaluation from the following URL:

Note that the SDK comes with sample code and a programmer's guide to quickly help developers white application using C++, Java and C#/.Net.


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