Wi-Fi Simple Config and Intel Hub Connect Technology

Wi-Fi Simple Config and Intel Hub Connect Technology

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This question is about the Intel Software Network article Wi-Fi* Simple Config (WSC) Linux* Reference Implementation.

How does Wi-Fi Simple Config (WSC) relate to Intel Hub Connect
, which is part of the Intel Viiv platform?

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According tothe Program Manager on the Viiv team responsible for Intel's Hub Connect Technology (IHCT):

"IHCT is a PC-specific feature of Viiv and is used to manage (setup, configure) the network and devices on the network. With regards to its association to Simple Config, there is no connection, but it is important to understand that we are adding Simple Config support in future releases of ICHT. For the currently released Viiv products, ICHT uses a proprietary non-SC based solution for network and device setup, as discussed with our 1.5 and 1.6 generation requirements for Viiv devices. "

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