Unstable Pixel Clock (SOLVED)

Unstable Pixel Clock (SOLVED)

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My custom DTD specifies a pixel clock of 146250KHz. This worked fine for a few minutes. After setting the system to Standby, I noticed a bit of softness in the display upon resume. The monitor now reports a pixel clock of 146400KHz, and this is backed up by the soft spot down the center of the panel, and some ugly moire pattern that wasn't there before. A system restart did not help.

Any ideas?

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A few updates,

Changing the clock value in the registry to anything other than 146.25MHz seems to work fine. The monitor reports that it is getting the correct pixel clock (of course, doesn't help me much since it's still not the right one!) Upon changing it back to 146.25MHz, the card outputs 146.40MHz again.

I have no idea why this is happening and would greatly appreciate any input.


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