Can't run example project of AV

Can't run example project of AV


Just now I tried to run an example project, but such a dialog box appears, can anyone tell me how should I do?

Zhanghong Tang

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John Readey had replied to a similar issue I had and so I am quoting him

"You need to register the dll... Open a command window, go to C:Program FilesIntelCompilerFortran9.0IA32Bin and type: regsvr32 ifdlg100.dll.

That should fix the problem. I don't know why this file can't be registered by IVF setup; I've filed a bug report for this issue quite some time ago."

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I think this problem is fixed in the latest update (i.e. the dll is registered during IVF setup).

However I installed the latest version but it is not solved.

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It should be working with thenext update: w_fc_c_9.0.023 which will be available soon. I tried this out on a clean system and Sine2DWin32 built and ran ok.

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