EM64T and dcabs1

EM64T and dcabs1


In our application, we are trying to link in the Intel MKL library. However, the calls are being made from fortran. I get the following symbol undefined:


Almost all the blas routines define functions/subroutines with the underscore appended to it. This is the only symbol I get as undefined. The only work around I had was to download this blas routine, compile it locally and link it in. The details are as follows:

1. MKL version 7.0.1 (EM64T platform)
2. The link stream had the following (-lmkl_lapack -lmkl_em64t -lmkl -lguide)

Did anyone else experience this?


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I suppose MKL is expecting to find that function in the support libraries which come with 64-bit ifort. It looks like that is missing from the ifort libraries in my installation and yours. I would suggest you file an issue on premier.intel.com which shows the link failure.

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You need notuse -lmkl on your link line. The use of -lmkl_lapack and -lmkl_em64t should resolve all references.


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