Partial sum/adjacent difference with IPP

Partial sum/adjacent difference with IPP

Is there a way to compute partial sums or adjacent differences with IPP?

Partial sum is:

DST[0]= SRC[0]
DST[i]= SRC[i]+DST[i-1] for i > 0

Adjacent difference is (roughly) reverse operation:
DST[i] = SRC[i]-SRC[i-1]

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No, we do not provide such operations, at least for now. So,you can submityour requeston Premier service. By the way, where do you think they would be useful?


I use partial_sum to compute vertex positions along polygon's perimeter based on known edge lengths.
These functions are part of C++ STL so I guess there is a lot of other applications.

If you feel such functionality useful, please submit your request on Premier site.


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