Because I don't have any luck in using the ippiMinEigenVal_8u32f_C1R function, I need to ask you a question:

The problem is, that I always get a ippStsSizeErr as return value. Citing the manual, this is the case if the roiSize is zero or negativ or apertureSize or averageWindow is 3 or smaller. But I can for sure deny that. So what can be a problem then?


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may be documentation was not so clear, we constantly work on improvement of it. Actually, bad argument conditions are:
One of pointer arguments is 0
roiSize has non positive field
Step is less than roiSize.width*
Step is not multiple of *
apertureSize or averageWindow is not 3, 5 or 7 (Sobel and Blur kernel sizes, supported in ippCV)


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