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Fatal error link


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I suspect this message is related to your previous one. So, I would like to say in addition,you can get such error message if you did not set IPPROOT environment variable, as it was stated in readme.htm file which comes with this sample:
How to Build the Source Code

ippiSample is a 32-bit MFC application that comes with the corresponding workspace and project files, ippiSample.dsw and ippiSample.dsp, to make rebuilding simple with the Microsoft* Visual C++* 6.0. Other versions of Microsoft* Visual C++* may require recreation of these files.

Set up your build environment by creating an environment variable (outside of Microsoft* Visual C++*) named IPPROOT that points to the root directory of your IntelIPP installation. For example: IPPROOT=C:Program FilesIntelIPP

  • You can also set the LIB and INCLUDE directories inside of Microsoft* Visual C++* using Tools?Options?Directories, but the above method is recommended.


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