This is my first visit to the MKL forum. I'm playing with the trial 6.1 at the moment but I gather that 7 will come in different editions one being 'gold'. What are the rest and how will they differ?

Gerry T.

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"Gold" simply refers to the product release version of the library. We had both alpha and beta versions of this product (Intel MKL alpha and Intel MKL beta, which is the currently available). Because there were major new additions to this version of the library, specifically a sparse direct solver and ScaLAPACK, we chose to have these preliminary versions of the library to expose these new library features to users.

Intel MKL 7.0 will actually come out in two versions. One will be much like the current version of MKL with the addition of the direct sparse solver. The other will be a cluster version and will include ScaLAPACK.


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