copy 24bit bitmap to 32bit bitmap buffer

copy 24bit bitmap to 32bit bitmap buffer

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Is there any function providedin IPP to copy 24b bitmap to 32bbitmap buffer?

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Why there is no one can help me?Is it very difficult?I just want to how to convert a 24b bitmap to 32b,and the previous IPL library support it.

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Dear pango,

sorry for the delay, you know, this is not service center, this is just people community. Just people, with their deals, their problems and so on:)

Let metry to answer your question, I think you can use the ippiCopy functions, namely ippiCopy_8u_AC4C3R and ippiCopy_8u_C3AC4R to convert 3 channel images to 4 channel's images and vice versa.

In addition, I recommend you topay attention to IPP manual, which contains a lot of details about IPP functions.


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