Fileformats and thumbnails

Fileformats and thumbnails

I am new to IPP and would like to find if IPP can help with the following:

Does IPP support Tiff and gif file formats?

For images with EXIF data can IPP help in retrieving the embedded thumbnail from the EXIF header without opening (reading) the full image file?


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Dear sharmilap,

According IPP manual:

The Intel IPP software work with two-dimensional arrays of data, not an image abstraction, thus providing lower-level image processing functions than in most other image processing libraries. This serves the following major goals:

To free developers from the necessity of filling specific structures that describe image data and architecture;
To achieve a maximum function performance by avoiding the structures field parsing and code branching;
To provide a collection of simple and obvious lower-level functions to facilitate incorporation within an existing application or architecture.

So, it is application's responsibility toparse the particular file's format and so on.


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