Inverse Quantization

Inverse Quantization

Hi, I have some questions about AAC decoder using IPP 4.0 . At Inverse Quantization[ippsQuantInv_AAC_32s_I() ], there are 2 parameters about scale factor - pScalefactor and pSfbCb.
Pleaselet me understand twowords in detail. I think that pScalefactor is pointer to the array of Scalefactor, result of scalefactor-decoding.
In addition, I think that pSfbCb is the pointer to Table 4.A.1 in ISO/IEC 14496-3:2001(E). Am I right?


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Not exactly the pSfbCb parameter is a pointer to the array, which keeps the number of Huffman codebook for each scalefactor band. The number of Huffman codebook is used to understand is it necessary to perform inverse quantization in the subband or not (f.e. for ZERO_HCB, INTENSITY_HCB, INTENSITY_HCB2, NOISE_HCB; it is not necessary because we should apply another algorithms). pSfbCb parameter has the same meaning in the following functions, which are used to decode intensity, MS stereo: DecodeMsStereo_AAC, DecodeIsStereo_AAC;


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