MKL 7.0 Beta: Cannot reach pardiso

MKL 7.0 Beta: Cannot reach pardiso

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I already posted this question to Intel Premier Support, may be somebody in this forum can give me a hint:I downloaded example file(manual page 8-26,, linked to allMKL 7.0static libraries, got unresolved external symbol _PARDISO@64. Using CVF 6B, Windows XP Professional,P4.
Have anyone any ideas how this can be fixed?

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One thing to check is that you are using the Intel Compiler which is recquired for the use of Pardiso in Intel MKL 7.0 Beta. See this excerpt from the release notes mklnotes.htmfor reference:

Limitations to the sparse solver in Intel MKL 7.0:

  1. For the current release, the Intel compiler runtime library is needed.

I don't see this sentence in the new (non-beta) release note. Does this mean I can use the sparse solver under



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