IPP 4.0 download

IPP 4.0 download


I was just denied a second download of the IPP 4.0 30-day demo. The problem is that I never installed the first package, and cannot find the package I downloaded the first time.

Could you please allow me to download IPP 4.0 again?


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Dear Customer,
First, you can login to Intel Premier Support at https://premier.intel.com and go to product "Intel IPP for Windows*" to find the download files for IPP 4.0 release as well extensive IPP samples.

Or you can try to go this URL at:
http://www.intel.com/software/products/ipp/downloads/ippwin.htmto download the bits from ftp server after you complete the IPP 4.0 registration and receive the license file.

Hope it helps.
Intel Corp.

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