Runtime setup.exe failed on Windows Server 2003.

Runtime setup.exe failed on Windows Server 2003.


DLL's installer (setup.exe) can't put ipp20 dir on system32 directory.
About other DLLs (ippi20.dll, ipps20.dll,,,), there are exist on system32 dir.
How can I install DLL's to system successfully?

Target enviroments:
cpu: Celeron 300MHz (too old?)
os: Windows Server 2003 (too new?)
setup.exe: from w_ipp_ia32-itanium_4_0.exe (2003/12)

Thank you for read my mistaken English.

koki from Japan.

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Which version of Intel IPP did you try to install? What's the error message did you see when install Intel IPP runtime installer?

I am also generating this issue into Intel Premier Support at and will follow up this issue with you. Please login to this above URL and check update.

Intel IPP

Message Edited by ysong on 02-05-2004 09:57 PM

Thanks, Ying.

IPP's version is 4.0.

And NO Error message appeared while setup.exe running.

But, after setup.exe finished, no ipp20 directryin thesystem32 directry.

# Windows XP(Pentium3,PentiumM) and 2000(Pentium2) >> OK.

# Windows Server 2003 (Celeron300MHz) >> NG.


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