unhandled exception in ...

unhandled exception in ...

Hi, currently I am developing a VST-Plugin. I want to speed
up things with the IPP 4.0 but when I link my plugin with the
ipps20.lib and ippcore.lib I get an unhandled exception error
in the VST-Host (Wavelab and Samplitude) when I want to unload
the plugin.
This happens even if I use any function call of the IPP.

I include ipps.h and link with ipps20.lib and ippcore.lib

Did I miss something?


Intel P4 3,06 GHz HT
2 GB Ram
Visual Studio .NET 2003
Intel C++ Compiler 7.1.024

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What is the formof VST-plugin? Is it something like DLL module? If so, could you to try to link IPP as a static merged libraries?

Yes it's a dll. But I've solved the problem.
I had linked the libraries in the wrong order,
ipps20.lib before ippcore.lib.

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