Webcast June 6 on Tuning Threads

Webcast June 6 on Tuning Threads

We will be presenting a Microsoft webcast on tuning threads with the VTune Analyzer on June 6 at 11AM Pacific time. It is described at http://www.microsoft.com/usa/webcasts/upcoming/1986.asp

Here is the abstract:
This Webcast will demonstrate the process of analyzing and performance tuning multithreaded applications using the new version 7.0 of the VTune? Performance Analyzer. We will look at 4 specific issues in thread performance: thread balancing, blocked time, overhead identification, and tuning for the CPU?s micro-architecture. To do this we will analyze a multithreaded Mandelbrot program to identify thread issues in its implementation.

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This looks really good. I'm looking for help profiling a multithreaded application. Is this archived somewhere?

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