disabling warnings through pragmas

disabling warnings through pragmas

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I am looking for the way to disable a warning by using a pragma with version 7 of the Intel compiler. The syntax for doing this in MSVC is ...

#pragma warning( disable : 4200 )

Is there a similiar type of pragma for IC 7.0? I have tried the MS pragma using the warning number I get fron the Intel compiler to no avail.

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As far as I know there is no such pragma option available
with current Intel compiler version.

You can open feature request issue in premier.intel.com.


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Try using the Intel Compiler warning number instead of the MSVC warning number. The Intel compiler contains mappings for many MSVC warnings but this is not one of them. If you can report the mapping to support they can create a bug report and we can add it. Leaving the existing pragma warning in and adding a second one so that the code will continue to compile with MSVC should do no harm.

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