Generating a mesh in compaq array visualizer

Generating a mesh in compaq array visualizer

I have recently started using compaq array visualizer with visual fortran. I am having problems with generating a grid. When i plot an image map of a function phi with x and y axes it gives me a good color plot of phi but when i turn the grid option on it just shows a set of equispaced grid lines. I am having an unequally spaced mesh, so the equally spaced lines dont really help. I have been trying to get the grid lines plotted corresponding to regular intervals of values in the x and y arrays so that i get the unequally spaced grid but havent been able to do it so far.
Also is there any sample code available for plotting a 2D plot for a certain x,y set of values?
Thanks in advance,
Shyam Menon.

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The Compaq Array Visualizer doesn't support the display of a non-uniform mesh.

The Intel Array Visualizer does support non-uniform meshes though (and also 2D plots for a list of x,y values). If you'd like to try it out you can get a free evaluation download at:

Note the Intel Array Visualizer isn't integrated with the debugger at this point (that feature will be part of the Intel Visual Fortran release).


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