linker and librarian question...

linker and librarian question...


I found a linker and librarian (xilink and xilib) are present in the ICL distribution, can I know what's their purpose? Inspecting them I notice either original original link and lib are finally called anyhow. What's the difference if I link my project with xilink vs link?

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Hello Servil,
When you use -ipo option with compiler, the compiler produces "mock" object files during the compilation phase of multifile IPO.
You can not use native linker to link these object files.

The Intel linker, xilink/xilib performs the following steps:

1. Invokes the Intel compiler to perform multifile IPO if objects containing
IR are found.
2. Invokes the linker, link, to link the application.

For details about IPO and /or xilink please refer to Intel compiler documentation.


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