Headless support

Headless support

1. I'm developing a Windows CE.NET device without a display. From the VTune XScale specs I see that VTune uses MFC for the data collector. As MFC is heavily GUI based, does this mean that the current version of VTune for XScale doesn't support headless devices ?

2. Also, my platform doesn't include ActiveSync. Is this needed for XScale VTune, or can I use other transports (e.g. TCP/IP and Manual server) ?


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Hi currently you cant use the VTune analyzer on a headless device. The VTune analyzer only uses ActiveSync to automatically install the remote collectors. However you can copy the install files over any transport you want.

Do you intend to support headless WinCe devices in the (near) future. This would be a nice enhancement to your tool!


We are definitely looking into it

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